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When Hyperinteractive first opened its doors in 1996, we had no cell phones, the internet connection ran through a dial-up modem, and our computer monitors had lower resolution than an iPhone screen.

Despite that, the founders of this new venture based it on three guiding principles - strategic thinking, innovative technology, and creative excellence. That thrust has become the trademark of a shop that has gone on to produce work for many of the best brands on the planet.

The man with his hand on the throttle is Richard Mellor. He's written books and appeared on stages around the world to share the vision and passion that has guided Hyperinteractive through the ever-dynamic world of interactive. Over the years, he's assembled an impressively talented management team with whom he now shares the leadership responsibility. Their collective guidance have helped us to consistently exceed expectations, set industry benchmarks and garner numerous accolades.

We integrate everything we've learned to add groundbreaking touch and mobile experiences to our repertoire of engaging and meaningful projects. With digital playing a more pivotal role than ever before, we continue to evolve and adapt the projects we produce and the way we approach them. This evolution has led us to ensure we're not doing empty work but are doing work that is useful to both our brands and their audiences.

We call it Human Engagement, and it is evidence of our continued push to produce some of the most innovative work in the industry while simultaneously putting even more focus into the business needs of our clients.

That's our thrust for innovation at work.
And its not showing any sign of stopping.