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Recognition is always nice, but we don't work to earn the admiration of our peers. We work to exceed our clients' expectations and to satisfy our own personal drive for excellence. We do however appreciate that, year after year, the fine folks that hand out awards have chosen to recognize us for the things we create.

We'd like to thank
these institutions for recognizing our

"As a brand, Scion has made a huge commitment to support independent artistic expression. We reinforced that commitment by creating the Scion Surface Experience that allowed visitors to express their creative sides. We're seeing strangers, family and friends come together, create and share in ways that exemplify Scion's products and brand promise."

Steve Hatanaka
Auto Shows and Special Events Manager


"I've had the rare opportunity to work with Hyperinteractive first as a partner and now as a client. They are a breed apart. They constantly push the envelope in ways that seem impossible. But one thing is certain... They never fail to successfully execute even the loftiest ideas. And what amazes me most is that they do it with grace and a real sense of fun. Whether it is their client/project management team, creatives, or technologists, they are all a delight to work with."

Alex Sapiz
Director, Sales and Partner Engagements and Recognition Programs

Cisco Systems, Inc.

"The creative approach and can do attitude of the Hyperinteractivee team, coupled with a great sense of humor, has enabled Cisco's Global Sales Experience to achieve new ground with our digital engagements delivering outstanding results."

Dannette Veale
Digital Engagements and Technology Strategy, Global Sales Experience (GSX), Virtual Partner Summit (VPS)

Cisco Systems, Inc.