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In a world dominated by digital - displays, smartphones, apps, video games, tablets, the web - consumers are craving something authentic.
Something meaningful.
Something human.

Our approach to
Human Engagement
is based on four
very distinct focuses:

The iPad, iPhone, Facebook and Twitter are not simply new channels for pushing a marketing message. They are, in fact, some of the most powerful tools the world has ever seen, for solidifying relationships between brands and audiences.

But that enormous power derives from user choice - in other words, they only work when the experiences delivered are resonant and relevant.

Human Engagement puts the needs and demands of the audience first. It drives the strategies we develop, and the experiences we create. It's the human touch that turns connection into relationships, and relationships into results.

Who is your audience?
What do they desire?
What do they really
think about you?
How can you help them?

Market, Competitive and
User Research
Business Analysis
Team Alignment
Metrics Definition

What is your story?
What medium tells that story best?
What will connect with your audience and evoke a response, emotionally, intellectually or

Creative Ideation
Tactical Planning
Content Strategy
Project Planning
Content Planning

What is your platform?
What technologies, interfaces and experiences best support engagement?
How can your experience be meaningful for the user?

User Experience Design
Interface Design and Development
Technology Design and Development
Content Design and Development
Testing and Quality Assurance
Analytics System Implementation

What are the results of our work?
How is the audience responding?
What do we do next to improve the response?

Reporting and Analysis
Release Planning
Evolution Roadmapping