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Michael Manaley
Managing Director

Michael has been working with interactive media since 1992 in a variety of roles including visual designer, information architect, audio and video technician, animator, developer, and project manager. This experience as a multi-disciplinary team member has given him a solid collection of skills and techniques for leading and managing teams, building and maintaining supportive infrastructures, and guiding diplomatic efforts.

His key responsibilities at Hyperinteractive involve working closely with the CEO in establishing the strategic vision and goals for the London and New York offices, and then steering the team towards profitability by working with Hyperinteractive and Project: WorldWide leads in creating and enforcing P&L goals, processes, and operational procedures.

Michael is a student of natural healing arts and psychology, and is studying issues surrounding consumerism, branding, and human interaction. When not working or reading, you'll likely find him cruising the vineyards of Bordeaux with his girlfriend in their convertible.