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Simon Bowers
Director of Engineering

Simon has been directly involved in software development since the mid-1980s, touching almost every aspect of technology. Starting his career at networking giants 3Com and Novell, Simon worked on low-level protocols, server and client software, and built the first HTTP (web) server to run on the Novell's Netware operating system.

Since RocketCash and The Coca-Cola Company, Simon was a software security consultant, helping high-profile companies such as Visa with their internal security and federated solutions. Simon's last company - Enfensa - was a consulting company producing software architecture and products for Fortune 50 companies in addition to Hyperinteractive. In 2010, Simon joined Hyperinteractive full-time to head up the technology team.

If you ask Simon what he enjoys most about being at Hyperinteractive, he would say it's the opportunity to build the technology team at 'Hyper' to become as strong and as well-known in the industry as the creative side already is.